1. Racing cars

“Thoughts”. A strong word often not found easy to describe in a precise way. Well, once again “thoughts”, yes, those that chase your mind one time, and then another, and another and sometimes a little faster and some others a little slower. It’s hard take control over them and sometimes we might get the feeling they are controlling us instead of it being the other way around. But what if for an instance we became our thoughts. We would no longer be controlled by them. That sounds pretty easy to say right?

Perhaps not that easy to address.

Let’s start by categorizing “thoughts” because why not, that’s what we unconsciously like to do with everything and everyone we see. Well let’s do the same thing with our thoughts. First we have those that just come up suddenly and dissapear in the blink of an eye. We got no real issues with those. Then we have those that stay there for a bit longer, sometimes until we take action into doing something and many times will trigger some kind of emotions in us. They can be kind of annoying at times but you know, they eventually go away. Last of all we have those thoughts that just go racing our mind faster and faster making them quite hard to slow down.

Thoughts are like cars, some just don’t respect the speed limit. As you learn how to observe your thoughts as a witness of your own you will start to slowly have access to them. 

Most of the times we get cought up in our mind just because of the fact that we are letting thoughts invade our body. If we start to observe thoughts from a separated perspective of ourselves we slowly start to gain control of what emotions arise in use and if capable of it, we are able to calm these down. 

Learning how to categorize thoughts is a first step into gaigning control over what triggers your mind, what patterns continuosly are repeated and what layers a re being uncovered with time. It may take some time to get to know where that thought is coming from and what purpose it is serving in your mind. If you are able to observe it separately from yourself you will for sure start to see not only one but maybe two pathways that can lead to a better understanding of them but let’s cover this in a separate section, we don’t want those cars to start racing so early.

© Copyright salina belle 2017
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